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Revival-In or Out, Part One

March 7, 2019

Revival In or Out? Part One Seattle Open Door Church Pastor Richard D. Dover Pastor Rich asks Seattle Open Door Church attendees if they want to seek God with the hope that there can be revival in the church, in the community, and in America. How about you? Are you in or out? Spiritual Revival is a sovereign act of God. We cannot make God send a revival. Thus, we should only seek God, not revival. However, if we seek God He certainly can send revival. How do we know this? Is there a need for revival? Absolutely! Does God want to see revival in our personal lives and in America? Absolutely! So if there is a need for revival and God wants revival, we can certainly call out to God for revival. Where and when is in His hands. But we know this, if we cry out to God for revival He will at a minimum send revival in our own hearts. Amazing things can come out of life that is changed for God. So are You In or Out?.

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