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Marcellino - Addiction - Free - Forever - 3

June 15, 2017

Addiction Free Forever Part Three Interview with Dennis Marcellino Dennis Marcellino regarding the topic of being Addiction Free Forever. Dennis was involved in the hippie movement of the 60's, growing up in San Francisco, and was in several bands (The Tokens, Rubicon, Sly and the Family Stone, The Elvin Bishop Group). Needless to say he had a variety of addictions. Dennis tried 20 different approaches to get addiction free. His 21st approach was to go to the Bible for answers. He has now been addiction free for 35 years. He knows what it means to be addiction free forever. In Part Three Pastor Rich and Dennis talk about biblical principles that both of them have found works in regards to becoming addiction free. To learn about Dennis' Addiction Free Forever Program and to obtain his Addiction Free Forever resources, go to Pastor Rich and Dennis both believe that a person must get beyond the AA concept of a god that a person understands. There is only one GOD, not a god made up by a person. He manifests Himself through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Give Pastor Rich a call at 1-866-WANTGOD

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